We specialise in Martial Arts Websites.

As a martial arts instructor I know how hard it can be to get people through the door. Finding new students is one of the biggest headaches I have faced in the 20 years I’ve been training.

In my search for new ways to encourage new students I stumbled across a program designed to boost student numbers and retention. One of the biggest things this program taught me is to intelligently and effectively use the internet to gather new student information!

I know it sounds simple but ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you have a web presence?
  • How many new students has your website gained you?
  • How much has the website contributed to your club growth?
  • Is your website paying for itself?

If your website is not encouraging new students to join your club / style then it’s costing you money and wasting your time!!
If your website is not bringing in new students then you are paying for it out of your club funds, or worse still, out of your own pocket!

At G.S.W Web management we use the principals from Stephen Oliver’s Extraordinary Marketing program to design and build websites that work!

Take a look at some of our clients.

Not only NZ wide Martial Arts organisations like:

So if you think your current site isn’t up to scratch or if you haven’t even got a website to call your own make contact with us – we’ll help!

Check our portfolio and services for all the information on how G.S.W Web Management can help your club grow!!